DAW Control With Console 1
Nov 3, 2016

Ever since its introduction, Console 1 has worked in tandem with every major DAW on the market. Now, the next level of control is here. In Presonus Studio One and Cakewalk SONAR, vital DAW functions can be controlled right from the Console 1 hardware—allowing an even smoother workflow.

The new control functions are:

Track Selection
The new Console 1 software allows the DAW track selection to be reflected in Console 1 and vice versa.

Volume and Pan
As always, the Console 1 Output Volume and Pan knobs can be used to control the corresponding settings in the Console 1 software—but they can now also be switched over to control the pan knob and volume fader on the selected DAW track.

Solo and Mute
The Solo and Mute can also be switched to control the selected DAW track or—as previously—to control these settings in the Console 1 software.

DAW Send Levels
Hold Shift and control the selected DAW track's send levels directly from the Console 1 hardware.

Here's How You Get It
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