Amp Room for Universal Audio
Feb 15, 2013

Imagine the best guitar amplifier simulators ever made. Now, pair them with a high quailty, low latency computer interface, loaded with DSP power. Well, that fantasy is about to become reality: Softube and Universal Audio are proud to announce that Softube's Vintage Amp Room, Metal Amp Room and Bass Amp Room are now available for the Apollo audio interface and the UAD powered plug-ins platform.

This means that UAD-2 owners will be able to use the amplifier simulators for re-amping directly recorded signals from guitar, bass, electric piano or any other sound source that might benefit from being run through a guitar amp. Apollo owners are even better off, as they, in addition to the re-amping possibilities, also can use the Apollo's low latency capabilities for direct recording with the Amp Rooms. No guesswork, no hassle—just connect your instrument to the DI input of the Apollo, set the guitar amp sound you want and hit the Rec button!

The Amp Rooms for UAD-2 and Apollo are only sold through Universal Audio's online store:​/store​/plug-in-bundles​/softube-amp-room-bundle.html