New Marshall amps for UAD
Nov 5, 2015

It's with great pride we announce that two more Marshall amplifier plug-ins are out exclusively for Universal Audio's UAD-2/Apollo platform—Bluesbreaker 1962 and Silver Jubilee 2555. The release also includes Marshall Legends Bundle, which consists of the two new plug-ins and the Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959 plug-in, released in May of this year.

Once again, or actually twice again, we have teamed up with legendary producer Tony Platt (AC/DC, Motorhead, Iron Maiden) and Marshall's product expert Chris George. Together, we have picked a pair of absolutely unique amplifiers in Marshall's "museum" (not open to the public) and taken them to Strongroom Studios, London, where Tony made all the microphone selections and placements for the cabinet models. The amps were analyzed and modeled, component by component, at the Softube headquarters in Sweden.

Marshall Bluesbreaker 1962
Marshall's first ever combo amp was nicknamed the Bluesbreaker after Eric Clapton had used it exclusively on the classic self-titled record by John Mayall and the Blues Breakers. The Bluesbreaker's amp section is warm and crunchy, and the use of alnico speakers in an open back cabinet adds an unusually chimey and three-dimensional sound for a Marshall—which has contributed to its status as a genuine workhorse far outside of the blues genre.

Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555
The Silver Jubilee series hit like a bomb in 1987, and tapped perfectly into the rock sound of that era. Unsurprisingly, guitarists such as Slash and John Frusciante took the amps to their hearts. The three different channels, flexible EQ and the ability to switch the power amp between pentode/triode operation made it a versatile amp that could go from vibrant cleans to soaring leads by the push of a button.

Marshall Legends Bundle
The two new plug-ins and the existing Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959 are collected in a bundle, which is also launched today.

Apollo Unison support
These plug-ins support Unison functionality available on Universal Audio Apollo interfaces. This includes Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959, and a free update is available to current owners. Input levels and impedance are two of the most important factors when using software based guitar amplifiers, but this hasn't been possible to emulate or control until now. With Unison we can guarantee that the entire chain, from guitar, via Apollo, to the software will be a perfect replica of the original hardware.

Read more on Universal Audio's web site:​/store​/plug-in-bundles​/marshall-legends-bundle.html