Engineer/Mixer Mike Ging Speaks About the Summit Audio TLA-100A
Mike Ging, January 2012
Engineer/Mixer Mike Ging Speaks About the TLA-100A

I am a long-time user of the hardware version of the Summit Audio TLA-100A Compressor compressor, and was very eager to try out the Softube plug-in version that was recently released.

The Summit Audio TLA-100A has the smoothest compressor response out there, and my three hardware TLA-100A's have been used on many of the artists I have worked with - including Michael Jackson, who loved the sound of it.

The most important [feature] for me is the 'Parallel Inject' control.

I am happy to report that Softube have captured the compression characteristics of the TLA-100A in astonishing detail, along with giving us some very useful additional features. The most important one for me is the "Parallel Inject" control. This allows me to set compression levels higher than I normally would with the hardware unit, and mix back in a little of the direct signal to allow some of the transients and air that give life to a lead vocal. This process of setting up a parallel compression path is time-consuming in the studio, but the plug-in version is fast and easy - and I can have as many instances as my CPU can handle. A very nice job by Softube and Summit Audio! I will be using this in all my mixes from now on.

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