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Lillian Berlin of Living Things: Scoring Music for 'The Runaways' Film

By Stefan Hedengren on Feb 01, 2011

The lead singer and guitarist for St. Louis rock band Living Things has been recording a new album and scored music for the movie 'The Runways'. Here he talks about scoring music for film and his...

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Doug Aldrich: Recording Whitesnake's 'Forevermore'

By Stefan Hedengren on Feb 01, 2011

I've always been an analog tape type of guy. I have a 24-track machine that just sounds amazing but the limitations just started to get to me. I used to sit there and clean the tape heads like three...

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Joe Chiccarelli: A Multi-Award Winning Producer Speaks

By Stefan Hedengren on Jan 01, 2011

I'm a big believer in listening to all types of music. I think having a broad appreciation and understanding of all types is very healthy. Even understanding why you don't like certain types of music...

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Glenn Rosenstein on FET Compressor: I love it, I absolutely love it

By Stefan Hedengren on Dec 01, 2009

I was always interested in music when I was young, always interested in the recording process. When I was getting started, there weren't a lot of recording schools or the kind of technology that is...

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Ahrue Luster: Softube Destroyed My Workflow

By Niklas Odelholm on Nov 01, 2009

I was almost finished mixing a project when I tried the FET Compressor, and after hearing it, I immediately had to reinvent my vocal chain based around the FET. It took hours to rebuild my mixes but...

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Robbie Bronnimann: Recording Howard Jones

By Stefan Hedengren on Nov 01, 2009

I have been working on & off for the last 18 months producing Howard Jones new album Ordinary Heroes. The album is a break from the classic 'electronic synth' sound that Howard is synonymous for. The...

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Digging the CL 1B Plug-in with Tony Shepperd

By Stefan Hedengren on Oct 01, 2009

It's funny, because twenty years ago I had all analog, incorporating digital into my mixes and now I'm all digital incorporating analog! I don't throw away anything. I think you should incorporate...