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Steve Levine: An Open Mind To Sound

By Henrik Andersson Vogel on Mar 01, 2013

We interview one of the producers who defined the sound of the 1980's.

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Talking to Three Amp Room Users

By Henrik Andersson Vogel on Jan 25, 2013

Softube's guitar amplifier simulators, Vintage Amp Room, Bass Amp Room and Metal Amp Room, are hugely popular among the greatest guitarists and producers in the World. We hooked up with three of them to talk about using amp...

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Steve Pageot: Grammy awarded producer, engineer and songwriter.

By Henrik Andersson Vogel on Jan 02, 2013

Songwriter, producer, engineer - and flutist. The multi-talented Steve Pageot has not only worked on platinum selling records like Krayzie Bones Thug Mentality 1999, or picked up a Grammy Award for...

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Robert Scovill: On the road with Tom Petty

By Henrik Andersson Vogel on Dec 07, 2012

It's no exaggeration to say that Robert Scovill is one of the heaviest hitters in current live sound. His career spans over 30 years and includes live work with artists such as Prince, Rush, Def...

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Depeche producer Gareth Jones about mixing in the box with Softube

By Sophie Rimheden on Aug 01, 2012

When I started with electronic music the scene was very different. All the equipment was way more expensive.

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Joki Schaller: Vintage Amp Room in Ableton Live, Live

By Mattias Danielsson on Jun 01, 2012

Softube had the chance to interview Joki Schaller, the singer and producer of the German band Imaginary War. Their music can be described as a mix of industry, pop and a lot of desperation. We spoke...

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Phil Tan: Sharing Some R&B Secrets

By Stefan Hedengren on May 01, 2012

Phil Tan is an award winning Atlanta-based mixing engineer with no less than three Grammy Awards for his work with Mariah Carey, Ludacris and Rihanna. But his list doesn't end there, it almost goes...

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Bill Schnee: Recording 24/192 Blu-Ray Audio with Softube Plug-ins

By Niklas Odelholm on Feb 01, 2012

In a world where mp3 has sadly become the musical standard, I'm hoping to bring true high fidelity to those who want it, and hopefully expand the state of the art for everyone.

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Greg Wells: Producing Mika and The All American Rejects using Softube plug-ins

By Stefan Hedengren on Sep 01, 2011

I've been using computers since I was 18 and I'm 42 now. I started on Digital Performer and Notator and eventually got into Pro Tools. I do a lot of programming. To me because there's no real...

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Mixing on the road with Softube Plug-ins

By Stefan Hedengren on Jun 01, 2011

Veteran live engineer John Kerns talks about his experience with Softube Venue plug-ins. Two decades of work with artists such as Bruce Springsteen, No Doubt and Shania Twain has honed his skills.