Endorsement Application

We at Softube receive a large number of endorsement requests from producers, engineers and artists around the world. In order to make this manageable, we kindly ask you to read our endorsee policy and fill out the form below. Our marketing team will review your application and get back to you.

Endorsee policy
Softube will gladly make endorsement agreements with producers, engineers and artists who can bring significant exposure to our brand and our products. Typically, the endorsee should be an influential person with high visibility among Softube's current and potential customers.

The details of endorsement agreements are determined on a case to case basis. But bringing exposure to Softube could for example entail that the endorsee commits to providing Softube with an interview for our web site, quotes on our products, royalty-free photos of the endorsee that Softube is permitted to use, presets and user tips on products, taking part in videos, appearing at trade shows and educational activity.

In return, the endorsee could receive discounts on our products or—depending on the level of engagement—even entirely free Softube products.

Endorsement request form

E-Mail Address: *
Name: *
Web site with biography/discography: *
Affiliated acts: *
Will the exposure you bring to Softube be global or regional? If regional, please let us know which in which countries or regions you are active and influential: *
How many gold and platinum selling albums have you been credited for, and what work did you perform on them?*
How many high profile awards (such as Grammys) have you been nominated for, or received?*
Are you often featured in professional audio magazines and blogs—for example interviews with you, or articles that you yourself write? Please link to examples.*
Are you engaged in education, for example holding seminars and lectures to music recording students?*
Do you engage in social media, and if so, how many followers do your channels (such as Twitter or a Facebook page) have? *
If you feel these questions do not sufficiently capture what you would be able to offer in return for an endorsement, please use this space to describe what your engagement would be.*