Mattias Danielsson, April 2012

The Density setting in TSAR-1 Reverb is an extremely useful tool that sometimes gets overlooked. In this short article I'm trying to explain how you can use the density slider and also illustrate this with a couple of sound examples.

The density slider sets the "thickness" or "smoothness" of the reverb tail. A large room will have longer time between reflections corresponding to a lower density setting. A smaller room will sound thicker and can be achieved by a higher density setting.

But then you ask yourself: Doesn't the Reverb time also control the size of the perceived room?
Think of it more in these terms. Time controls the reflectivity of your room, i.e. how many and how reflective the surfaces there are. Density controls how far apart these surfaces are.

Density Settings

The reverb is added about ten seconds into the clip.

Density SettingsThe reverb is added about ten seconds into the clip.

A high density reverb tend to take more space in your mix but will sound smoother and more natural. Less dense reverbs take up less energy, but might sound less natural. When you are using TSAR-1 and have dialed in a nice smooth sound you can successively lower the density setting as you bring more and more instruments in to your mix. This will make it sound less dense, making it take less space and avoiding to clutter your mix.

If you read the TSAR-1 part of our plug-ins manual you can find even more details of how to tweak the TSAR-1 Reverb to your liking.

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