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Changes in v.2.4.36
Released on Nov 20, 2017

We got some free stuff for y'all! Modular music makers, you can now use the Saturation Knob from within Modular. And all Console 1 mix masters, if you got an UAD Apollo Audio Interface, we're sure that you're going to enjoy the new Apollo Central For Console 1 mode. On top of that, please welcome the swooshiness of Fix Phaser and pluckiness of 4ms Pingable Envelope Generator (PEG).

New Products

Features and Fixes

  • Console 1: The On-Screen Display menu bar application has gotten a new hi-res icon.
  • We have fixed several graphics issues with the new OpenGL system
  • Modular: It is now possible to use spaces in performance parameter names on Windows in VST2 and VST3.
  • Modular: Fixed a rare bug that made it impossible to patch to to some output jacks.
  • Modular: The Doepfer A-132 Dual VCA now passes no sound in Exp mode when the gain in zero. We also made zero gain to be the default setting.
  • Fixed an issue with CPU spikes in Bitwig when running VST3.
  • Console 1: Fixed an phasing issue in the SSL 9000k channel strip when used with UAD plug-ins in 44 and 48 kHz.
  • Console 1: Fixed an issue with UAD plug-ins in 32-bit hosts to avoid out of memory crashes.
  • Console 1: Implemented support for multiple open sessions in Studio One when using VST3.
  • Tape: Removed the audible click at the start of playback when using Color Type C.
  • Summit Audio Grand Channel: Fixed the output bursts that occurred when turning Saturation parameter fast.
Changes in v.2.4.29
Released on Sep 27, 2017

West Coast, please meet Eurorack. Eurorack, please meet the West Coast! We're happy to introduce the Buchla 259e into Modular. Also, we now have DAW integration for Console 1 in Cockos REAPER, enjoy!

  • New product: Buchla 259e for Modular
  • Improved the time it takes to open the GUI for plug-ins with lots of graphics.
  • Tape: Added some missing automation highlights for Pro Tools
  • Vintage Amp Room: Fixed an issue where the mic movement was slightly wrong
  • Console 1: DAW integration for Cockos REAPER
  • Console 1: Added option to turn off accelerated knob movement.
  • Console 1: Fixed a crash when running Studio One in low latency mode.
  • Console 1: Fixed issue with mono meters in Studio One when panning.
  • Console 1: Fixed a bug where the Low Peak/Shelf parameter on UAD Harrison 32C EQ was reversed. Warning: will affect saved projects!
  • OpenGL graphics acceleration is now enabled by default.
  • OpenGL: Added global preferences for OpenGL settings for all plug-ins. The Console 1 plug-in has a separate OpenGL preference for the On-Screen Display.
  • Console 1: Fixed issue with faulty settings for the FFT that could make the FFT disappear or freeze.
  • Console 1: Fixed a GUI update bug which caused CPU spikes in Integrated DAW Control mode.
  • Reaper: Fixed stuttering when using VST3 plugins.

Known Issues

  • Graphics glitches in Reaper on first instantiation of Console 1 when using OpenGL on some machines.
  • Graphics glitches in Cubase when batch instantiating Console 1.
  • Workaround in both cases is to open and close the GUI.
Changes in v.2.4.17
Released on Jun 07, 2017

The new release includes Tape, 4ms Spectral Multiband Resonator (SMR), TSAR-1 Reverb and TSAR-1R Reverb for Modular as well as Console 1 compatibility for seven new UAD-2 plug-ins. Quite a mouthful! Oh, and a long list of bug fixes as well.

  • Added the new Tape plug-in. Also available is the Studio One MixFX version called Tape Multitrack. Note that you currently need to set Studio One to 32-bit audio processing. See More here: studio one issue 32
  • Modular: The new 4ms Spectral Multiband Resonator (SMR) is now available.
  • Modular: The GUI now leaves Move/Edit modes when loading a preset.
  • Modular: Remade presets with parameters sorted in UI order.
  • Modular: Fixed broken Bitcrusher 2 preset.
  • Modular: Fixed a drag and drop bug that occurred in Cubase after loading a preset with Modular in a Track Instrument slot.
  • Console 1: Fixed a bug where the On-Screen Display would get stuck in All mode.
  • Console 1: Added compatibility for UAD-2 Manley Massive Passive, Manley Variable Mu, DBX 160 and API 225L compressor/limiter, 235L expander/gate and 550L equalizer from the API Vision channel strip.
  • Console 1: Fixed issue with loading the UAD SSL G Bus Compressor in Console 1
  • Console 1 (UAD): Fixed an issue where the dynamics curve for UAD Valley People Dyna-mite was wrong in the Shape section.
  • Console 1: Fixed an issue where the EQF-100 section in Summit Audio Grand Channel for Console 1 strip started with the wrong default values.
  • Console 1: Fixed a bug where the gain reduction meters were still showing a value after the section was bypassed.
  • Console 1: Added error messages when input and output sections fail to load.
  • Console 1: Changed the plug-in GUI to resemble the hardware more closely.
  • Console 1: Removed a erroneous pan from four of the presets for the Solid State Logic XL 9000 K-Series for Console 1 strip.
  • TSAR-1 Reverb, TSAR-1R Reverb and Heartbeat: Fix a async buffer performance issue for high sample rates (88 kHz and up).
  • FET Compressor: Removed automatic detection of external sidechain (the LED), for all DAWs but Pro Tools.
  • Modular: Horizontal scroll is now available also on Windows for compatible devices. (Logitech mice are not compatible due to a longstanding bug)
  • Drawmer 1973 Multi-Band Compressor: Fixed a bug where the external sidechain would only use one gain reduction value per buffer.
  • Fixed an crash when loading plug-ins in Limited Harrison Mixbus.
  • Fixed crash a crash in Bitwig when loading Heartbeat and Modular.
Changes in v.2.4.12
Released on Apr 04, 2017

Windows bug fix.

  • Windows: Fixed a bug where moving the mouse over a plug-in's knobs would cause severe lag in the DAW.
Changes in v.2.4.11
Released on Apr 04, 2017

The new release contains a new Modular module, the west coast classic Doepfer A-101-2 Vactrol LPG. There's no getting away from that perfect marimba sound now! We also added a bunch of presets for Modular. On the Console 1 side of things we are happy to introduce compatibility with new UAD compressors: all the 1176 versions (five different ones) and Chandler Limited Zener Limiter.

  • Modular/FX: The new Doepfer A-101-2 Vactrol LPG is now available.
  • Modular: Fixed an issue with some DAWs where bypassing the plug-in would cause a noise burst (Modular only).
  • Modular/FX: Fixed an issue with some DAWs where bypassing the plug-in would cause a noise burst on preset changing.
  • Modular/FX: Improved loading times of large modules such as the Beat Sequencer.
  • Modular/FX: Fixed a rare graphics glitch where the center console could become stuck.
  • Modular: Fixed the broken ROLI Flute Mono AAX preset. The Pro Tools preset won't get overwritten unless it's deleted prior to installation.
  • Console 1: Added five UAD 1176s and Chandler Limited Zener Limiter as Console 1 compatible UAD plug-ins.
  • Console 1: The Console 1 On-Screen Display now shows when the Shift key on the hardware is pressed.
  • Console 1: Fixed crash when loading UAD plug-ins both in the Pro Tools and in Console 1.
  • Console 1: Fixed the FFT freeze when loading the UAD plugins in 48 kHz using the Summit Audio Grand Channel
  • Console 1: Improved the USB re-connection behavior.
  • Console 1: The Console 1 On-Screen Display now detects if the connection to the Console 1 hardware has been lost and closes the GUI.
  • Console 1: Fixed an issue where the OSD could become stuck at the splash screen.
  • Console 1: Fixed an issue where the Console 1 LEDs would not update correctly under some circumstances.
  • AU: Host bypass now works in Studio One
  • ProChannel: Fixed a metering and processing issue when running the FET Compressor as a ProChannel insert in Sonar using 64 bit processing.
  • Windows: The issue with the 2 GB memory limit for 32-bit plugins has been resolved.
  • Installer sizes on OS X have been reduced ...

Known Issues
UAD Precision Limiter does not correctly report errors back to the On-Screen Display in 176 and 192 kHz sample rates.

Console 1/Digital Performer/Audio Units: If you use Console 1 as Audio Unit in Digital Performer, you need to turn off automatic track name and numbering from the plug-in's setup menu. We're working on a fix for this.

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