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Changes in v.2.4.12

Windows bug fix.

  • Windows: Fixed a bug where moving the mouse over a plug-in's knobs would cause severe lag in the DAW.
Changes in v.2.4.11

The new release contains a new Modular module, the west coast classic Doepfer A-101-2 Vactrol LPG. There's no getting away from that perfect marimba sound now! We also added a bunch of presets for Modular. On the Console 1 side of things we are happy to introduce compatibility with new UAD compressors: all the 1176 versions (five different ones) and Chandler Limited Zener Limiter.

  • Modular/FX: The new Doepfer A-101-2 Vactrol LPG is now available.
  • Modular: Fixed an issue with some DAWs where bypassing the plug-in would cause a noise burst (Modular only).
  • Modular/FX: Fixed an issue with some DAWs where bypassing the plug-in would cause a noise burst on preset changing.
  • Modular/FX: Improved loading times of large modules such as the Beat Sequencer.
  • Modular/FX: Fixed a rare graphics glitch where the center console could become stuck.
  • Modular: Fixed the broken ROLI Flute Mono AAX preset. The Pro Tools preset won't get overwritten unless it's deleted prior to installation.
  • Console 1: Added five UAD 1176s and Chandler Limited Zener Limiter as Console 1 compatible UAD plug-ins.
  • Console 1: The Console 1 On-Screen Display now shows when the Shift key on the hardware is pressed.
  • Console 1: Fixed crash when loading UAD plug-ins both in the Pro Tools and in Console 1.
  • Console 1: Fixed the FFT freeze when loading the UAD plugins in 48 kHz using the Summit Audio Grand Channel
  • Console 1: Improved the USB re-connection behavior.
  • Console 1: The Console 1 On-Screen Display now detects if the connection to the Console 1 hardware has been lost and closes the GUI.
  • Console 1: Fixed an issue where the OSD could become stuck at the splash screen.
  • Console 1: Fixed an issue where the Console 1 LEDs would not update correctly under some circumstances.
  • AU: Host bypass now works in Studio One
  • ProChannel: Fixed a metering and processing issue when running the FET Compressor as a ProChannel insert in Sonar using 64 bit processing.
  • Windows: The issue with the 2 GB memory limit for 32-bit plugins has been resolved.
  • Installer sizes on OS X have been reduced ...

Known Issues
UAD Precision Limiter does not correctly report errors back to the On-Screen Display in 176 and 192 kHz sample rates.

Console 1/Digital Performer/Audio Units: If you use Console 1 as Audio Unit in Digital Performer, you need to turn off automatic track name and numbering from the plug-in's setup menu. We're working on a fix for this.

Changes in v.2.4.7

This release contains the UAD integration with Console 1 as well as a very anticipated drag and drop feature in Modular. On top of this we've done some graphics optimizations, bug fixes and lots of behind the scenes stuff. The release does only contain Console 1, Heartbeat and Modular.

  • Console 1: Integrated support for some UAD equalizers and compressors.
  • Modular: Drag and drop move of modules.
  • Console 1: "Shift + Phase Inv" will bypass the entire Console 1.
  • Console 1: "Shift + Page Up/Down" will jump one track at the time.
  • Improved graphics performance. The largest improvements can be found in the Console 1 On-Screen Display on Mac Retina screens and Modular.
  • Console 1: The link to the Console 1 On-Screen Display manual from the menubar app has been fixed.
  • Console 1: Fixed an issue where Sonar would not remove a Console 1 instance after deleting a track.
  • British Class A For Console 1: A new code optimization has significantly reduced the CPU usage.
  • Modular: The center console now follows the scrolling sideways in the smallest GUI size.
  • Modular: Proper song position implemented for AAX.
  • Modular: Fixed an issue where the first attempt to add multiple modules in one go would fail.
  • Modular: Fixed a bug where starting or stopping the transport could be delayed slightly.

Known Issues
UAD Precision Limiter does not correctly report errors back to the On-Screen Display in 176 and 192 kHz sample rates.

Console 1's spectrum analyzer (FFT) freezes in 48 kHz when loading UAD plug-ins in Console 1 while using the Summit Audio Grand Channel strips.

Changes in v.2.3.90

The Integrated DAW Control for Presonus Studio One and Cakewalk SONAR has finally arrived! Make sure you use the latest version of Studio One or SONAR. We also added a new module to Modular, a specialized MIDI module for all ROLI Seaboard users, and a new Console 1 strip, the Summit Audio Grand Channel.

We also improved on the register/download/install process. We now use Gobbler as the medium to download and install our plug-ins, which means that you will only download the plug-ins you actually have licenses for. To get started, please go to My Account to create a Softube account (powered by Gobbler) and download the Gobbler client from our Download page.

  • Modular: Added ROLI Seaboard RISE utility module.
  • Console 1: DAW Control now available for Sonar and Studio One in VST3.
  • Console 1: Added a new Summit Audio Grand Channel strip for owners of Summit Grand Channel.
  • Volume 1: Added a new bundle and subscription bundle.
  • Changed download and installation system to Gobbler.
  • Console 1: Fixed a bug with automatic track number and name transfer in Cubase and Nuendo
  • Modular: Double-clicking on an empty rack or the background of a module will now open the Module Selector.
  • Console 1: Implemented support for multiple open sessions in SONAR.
  • Console 1: Improvements in CPU usage for both the On-Screen Display and the Console 1 plug-ins. We also found and fixed a memory leak.
  • Console 1/TLA-100: The TLA's gain reduction meter in Console 1 now behaves more like a VU meter.
  • Console 1: Fixed an intermittent crash in Sonar that could happen when closing a project.
  • Modular: Fixed an issue that caused the GUI to look random when loading presets in Cubase on some Windows machines.
  • Modular: Fixed issue with incorrect preset change light in Studio One.
  • Modular: The Module selector is now visible if no modules are loaded when opening the GUI for the first time.
  • Modular: The time range mode switch on the A-140 ADSR Envelope Generator should now be easier to toggle.
  • Modular: Fixed a bug related to receiving MIDI data on multiple channels in VST3.
  • Modular: Fixed an issue where Studio One and possibly other hosts could drop some MIDI messages.
  • Modular: Fixed an issue where the GUI size could not be changed when using AU.
  • Improved scanning and loading times for Console 1 and Modular.
  • Additional improvement of scanning time and memory usage in Pro Tools.
  • Drawmer 1973 Multi-Band Compressor: Changed the names of some of the VST3 and AAX presets files due to issues with the file names. There will be two copies of the presets files with different names since we never delete existing preset files.

Regarding Solo/Mute in Integrated DAW Control mode: Console 1's internal Solo/Mute will get disabled when Integrated DAW Control is enabled in Studio One or SONAR. If you have previously saved projects with Solo/Mute, you should open them with DAW Control disabled and manually transfer the settings to the DAW's Solo and Mute functionality before opening the project with DAW control enabled. Disable DAW Control by unchecking that option in the plug-in's Setup menu and restart your DAW.

Known Issues
32-bit DAWs on both Mac and Windows: We have currently an issue that can cause a crash with our plug-ins in 32-bit when the DAW uses more than 2GB of memory.

SONAR/Console 1 compatibility: If you clone or delete a track with Console 1 you will need to save and restart SONAR for the change to take effect.

Ableton Live 9.7, 64bit: VST plug-ins can't recall .fxp and .fxb preset files correctly in Ableton Live 9.7 64-bit or older (exceptions are Modular and Console 1). Ableton are working on a fix for this.

Changes in v.2.3.76

In this release we did a lot of maintenance to both Mac and Windows versions, especially fixing a problem with Windows 10 DAWs. As the icing on the cake, we also added two new utility modules to Modular!

  • We made updates to security certificates on both Mac and Windows to support new OS standards. Among other things this fixes the problem with crashes in some Windows 10 DAWs. The change unfortunately means that it is no longer possible to run the plug-ins in Windows XP or Vista.
  • Modular: Added Dual Pan and Dual X-Fader utility modules.
  • Console 1: Removed a CPU spike on Console 1 when starting playback using VST3 hosts.
  • Console 1: Solo Safe is now not set when loading presets.
  • Console 1: Fixed bug that made it impossible to change auto display time.
  • Modular: Renaming Performance parameters now works on Windows.
  • Modular: Fixed an issue where Modular FX would not receive MIDI when using Audio Units
  • Cakewalk SONAR: Fixed a sound processing bug with Softube products that use Pro Channel 64-bit processing.
  • Cakewalk SONAR: Fixed a crash when closing last instance of plugin.
  • Studio One 3.3: Fixed crash in Console 1 and Modular.
  • Transient Shaper: Fixed a minor meter issue.
  • FET Compressor: Fixed an issue with the Gain reduction meter.
  • Windows: Fixed an issue that could limit the amount of different Softube plug-ins you could use in a DAW or cause Pro Tools to fail to scan some plug-ins.
  • Windows: Fixed an issue where trying to run VST3 plug-ins with a missing license could cause exceptions.
  • Various performance tweaks and bug fixes.

Known Issues

  • There are issues when running or scanning too many plug-ins in 32 bit DAWs on both Mac and Windows. The problems are caused by memory limits inherent in 32 bit hosts. Workarounds include rerunning plug-in scanning, uninstalling unused plug-ins or upgrading to a 64 bit DAW.
  • Modular on Mac: Renaming Performance parameters the 32-bit DAWs that use Carbon is not supported.
  • Mac: VST preset saving/loading won't work in Ableton Live (64-bit version) for all products except Console 1 and Modular
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