Softube Plug-In Bundles

List of all Softube plug-in bundles.

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Time and Tone Plus

Take your vocal, guitar and drum snare production to the next level with this collection of world-class plug-ins. Available exclusively as an upgrade for Time and Tone customers, the Time and Tone...

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Time and Tone Bundle

When Focusrite customers sign up for the exclusive Softube newsletter subscription, you will receive access to the Softube Time and Tone bundle for Focusrite customers only. Softube's Time and Tone...

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Mix Bundle

The Softube Mix Bundle is a collection of our finest plug-ins - five essential tools that give you full control over the key elements of building a mix. The FET Compressor, the Passive-Active Pack and TSAR-1R Reverb.

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Studio Collection

The Softube Studio Collection contains twelve of our award-winning plug-ins - eight emulations of highly-prized studio classics, and four exclusive Softube designs. Now you can equip your studio with...

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Amp Room Bundle

The complete collection of Softube's renown amplifier simulations, including Vintage Amp Room, Metal Amp Room and Bass Amp Room.

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Effect Bundle

The Effect Bundle can only be purchased through authorized Softube dealers. It includes Spring Reverb, Tube Delay and Acoustic Feedback. We bundled these three because they all add their own very unique sound to any mix. Use them...