New web site layout
Posted by Niklas Odelholm on Nov 03, 2014

It was time again for an update to this site. I felt that the typeface had become too small and all the lines and boxes made it feel somewhat intimidating. (Especially when reading some of our excellent longer interviews and articles!)

To get around that I made some small changes, a slightly larger and friendly (not Comic Sans friendly, but friendlier) body typeface—the much used and sometimes too easily discarded Adobe-default Myriad Pro. I also made the rows shorter to make them easier to read. To match Myriad Pro I changed the headings to Adelle, a nice curvy slab serif. On top of that I added a couple of more colors to differentiate the different type of contents we have on the site, fixed some typographical issues and cleaned up the layout of the tips and tricks articles.

All in all, together with all the behind-the-curtain changes (anyone care about the updated exception handler?), it'll make the site faster, nicer and hopefully more easy to read and navigate. As always, let me know if you find anything strange or wrong.

Working on Console 1
Posted by Henrik Andersson Vogel on Aug 08, 2013

Finding just the right Softube orange nuance for the panel screen printing on the Console 1 hardware ...

June 13: Softube in Stuttgart
Posted by Henrik Andersson Vogel on Jun 13, 2013

Following last week's very nice evening in Berlin, Softube will be at Avid Creation Tour in Stuttgart Thursday June 13.

The venue is Wagenhallen, entry is free of charge and you sign up here:​/forms​/AvidCreationTour2013. See you there!