Apollo Central: Questions and Answers
Mattias Danielsson, November 2017
Apollo Central product video

This page cover some of the most common questions and answers we have picked up about the Apollo Central extension for Console 1.

What is Apollo Central?
Apollo Central For Console 1 is a software extension of Console 1 that allows for hands-on control of the Universal Audio Apollo Console.

For a quick walkthrough of Apollo Central and what it can do, please check the videos to the right.

What is the Universal Audio Apollo Console?
It's a software mixer included with Universal Audio Apollo audio interfaces; please check the website below for further information:


What do I need in order to run Apollo Central?

  • Console 1 hardware (MkI or MkII)
  • Console 1 software version 2.4.36 or higher (Apollo Central is included)
  • A Universal Audio Apollo audio interface
  • The latest UAD software installed (Apollo Console is included)

How do I start Apollo Central?
When you first start the Console 1 On-Screen Display, it will be started in the normal Console 1 operating mode. To toggle between Console 1 and Apollo Central mode, press Shift + Mode (Shift + Display Auto on MkI units). The Apollo Central mode is indicated by the "Apollo Central" logo in the top right corner of the On-Screen Display.

Can I control UAD plug-ins in my DAW using Apollo Central?
No, you can only control UAD plug-ins loaded into the Apollo Console application.

Which UAD plug-ins (100+) are pre-mapped and working in Apollo Central mode?
All should be pre-mapped and controllable, but new releases from UA might not be available at the day of release.

What exactly is the difference between the regular Console 1 mode and the Apollo Central mode?
When Console 1 is run in its default mode, you control the included Solid State Logic SL 4000 E channel strip (customizable with over 70 world-class plug-ins from Softube and Universal Audio).

In Apollo Central mode, you instead control the Universal Audio Apollo Console application, where you'll be able to load plug-ins and presets directly in your Apollo Console and you can control the plug-ins, channels, sends, monitoring.

Many use the Apollo Central mode while tracking, and the Console 1 default mode when mixing.

Does this mean I can control all UAD plug-ins in my DAW as well?
No, Apollo Central is used only to control the Apollo Console. However, many UAD plug-in equalizers and dynamic processors can be used to customize your channel strip in the default Console 1 mode.

How do we switch tabs in the Softube interface? I have a Unison plug-in loaded and another plug-in in the inserts. How do I switch from one to the other and vice versa?
All you need to do is to press the channel button again.

Can I customize the plug-in mappings?
No, this is not possible in either Apollo Central or the default Console 1 mode.

In Apollo Central mode, some UAD plug-ins have more parameters than the Console 1 hardware - how do you handle that?
You can press the Shift + Page down/up buttons to switch between parameter pages.

I Have a Question That Hasn't Been Answered Here, What do I Do?
Send us the question via Contact Softube Support. We'll answer you, and put the question here as well if it's a good one!

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