Ahrue Luster: Softube Destroyed My Workflow
Niklas Odelholm, November 2009

With a track record of millions of sold albums with bands such as Machine Head and Ill Niño, producer and Metal guitar player Ahrue Luster chooses Softube for his productions. When asked how he used the Softube gear, he sounded really annoyed and started complaining how we ruined his workflow...

Ahrue explains: "I'm very angry with Softube for making such a great compressor. I was almost finished mixing a project when I tried the FET Compressor, and after hearing it, I immediately had to reinvent my vocal chain based around the FET. It took hours to rebuild my mixes but it was well worth it. By far the best software compressor out there.

[The FET] destroys the UAD and CLA 1176 style comps! Its only rival is the real thing!

So your favorite use for the FET is for vocals?
It is my new go to compressor for vocals as well as most everything else. The FET Compressor is BY FAR the best 1176 style plug-in ever made, I will even say that is the best compressor plug-in ever made. It destroys the UAD and CLA 1176 style comps! Its only rival is the real thing!

What other Softube plug-ins do you use?
Softube plug-ins are all top notch, I absolutely LOVE the FET Compressor and the Tube-Tech CL 1B Compressor. The Bass Amp Room is my go to bass amp, and the EQ are awesome as well!

I'm glad you like Bass Amp Room!
Bass Amp Room is my go to bass amp! It captures the subtle nuances and the thunder of a real bass amp. It also breaks up very nicely. I love the bass tone from it.

Anything else you wish to add?
The Tube-Tech CL 1B Compressor is very accurate recreation of the classic compressor and a perfect counterpart to the FET. A beautiful sounding compressor that makes anything your run through it sound nice ...or nasty, depending on how much you drive it.

For more info on Ahrue Luster, please visit www.myspace.com​/ahrueluster

Vice President/Products. He's the one designing the products as well as doing a lot of signal processing and modeling. With a strong opinion about features, design and probably almost everything there's really no easy way to stay out of conflict when he's around. When he's not at work he can probably be seen behind a bass or piano at a jazz club or fiddling on semi-polynomial equations for creating optimal compression with minimal harmonics (let us know if he's done with that).