Abbey Road Studios

Abbey Road Studios is the most famous recording studios in the world and a British music icon. The studios have been home to countless landmark recordings and pioneering advances in recording technology. Opened in November 1931, Abbey Road Studios is the oldest purpose built recording studios in the world.

The legendary studios has a phenomenal 80 year history working with many of the world's most famous artists including The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Hollies, Kate Bush, U2, Oasis, Elbow, Florence and the Machine, Lady Gaga and Adele.

Also one of the world's premiere locations for movie scoring since the 1980s, films such as Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars, Braveheart and the Lord of The Rings Trilogy, have been recorded there. The list continues with many other major titles, including Shrek, The King's Speech, Harry Potter, Skyfall and The Hobbit.

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