Changes in v.2.4.83

We're happy to announce that the amazing Rings module by Mutable Instruments is now available for Modular. We've also done some work on one of our favorite dynamics processors of all time, the Dyna-mite. We realize that the original hardware was a bit quirky, so we've decided to create two new products, Slam and Gate, with a much easier user interface. Put it on a track, bring up a preset and … boom!

New Products

  • Valley People Dyna-mite has received a facelift and two new siblings: Slam and Gate!
  • Mutable Instruments Rings for Modular

Change Log

  • Weiss Compressor Limiter: Removed feature that turned off Auto Make-Up when changing Gain Make-Up since it caused a bug which always reset Auto Make-Up when closing and opening the GUI.
  • Console 1: We have redone how track selection works in DAWs that use track number and/or track selection. Fixes a long list of issues when deleting tracks, creating new tracks, bouncing in place and similar.
  • Console 1: Fixed a bug where MUTE didn't turn off meters in DAW Control mode (Studio One)
  • Console 1: Fixed an alphabetical sorting issue in the On-Screen Dispalay Load Shape/EQ/Comp plug-in selector lists. This affected only newer versions of macOS.
  • Harmonics: Fixed a misspelled tag in one of the Softube presets
  • Open GL (hardware acceleration for graphics) is now enabled by default.
  • 32-bit plug-ins are no longer supported.