Changes in v.2.4.70

This release comes with a new bass amp, Eden WT-800, and two fantastic add-ons for Modular: the Doepfer BBD delay and Mutable Instruments Braids module. A lot of Console 1 issues have been fixed, and a couple of products have received some high-resolution love (Modular, TSAR-1, TSAR-1R and FET Compressor).

New Products

  • Eden WT800
  • Doepfer A-188-1 BBD for Modular
  • Mutable Instruments Braids for Modular

Change Log

  • Console 1: Fixed an crash (Error: -9105) in Pro Tools when loading Console 1 session containing UAD plug-ins.
  • Console 1: Will no longer spam the trash can with old settings files on Mac.
  • Console 1: Fixed a rare crash related to curve drawing when loading UAD compressors.
  • Console 1: Will no longer create duplicated preference options in DAW control mode.
  • Modular/FX, TSAR-1/R, FET Compressor and Saturation Knob (new look!) now support Retina resolution.
  • Tape Multitrack: Re-enabled Preset Collection after fixing a problem with crashes when loading presets.
  • Vintage/Metal/Bass Amp Room: Fixed a bug where 2-way switches were clickable but not draggable.
  • AAX DSP: Remaining issues from the previous release was fixed in maintenance release version 2.4.63.

Known Issues

  • Modular FX: Presets for Spring Reverb, Doepfer A-188-1 BBD for Modular, Mutable Instruments Clouds are only available in Preset Collection, VST2 and AU.
  • When using Pro Tools on Windows the Preset Collection window often gets hidden behind the Pro Tools window. Can be recovered with Alt-Tab, pressing twice on the "Preset", button, etc .
  • Preset Collection blocks some keyboard events from getting to the DAW, like space for start/stop. We're investigating how we could fix this.
  • Weiss Deess: Plug-in delay compensation does not work as intended when using Low Latency mode in Studio One and Logic.
  • Heartbeat is currently at version 2.4.62