Changes in v.2.4.51

Below are fixes up to this release.
Note: Only Weiss DS1-MK3 and MM-1 has been released as 2.4.51, all other plug-ins are at 2.4.50.

  • Weiss DS1-MK3: Fixed an issue that caused the Auto Make-Up parameter to be reset when closing the plug-in GUI (fixed in 2.4.51).
  • Weiss MM-1: Fixed an issue where Out Trim parameter gain was reset when loading a project (fixed in 2.4.51).
  • Fixed an intermittent crash when opening a Cubase project with VST3 plug-ins (fixed in 2.4.50 and also in Cubase 9.5.20).
  • Disabled Preset Collection in Tape Multi Track due to issues with preset recall (fixed in 2.4.50).
  • VST2 and AU plug-ins can sometimes crash if multiple windows of the same plug-in are open (fixed in 2.4.49).
  • In Preset Collection, if the preset image is changed many times, the file size can grow (fixed in 2.4.48).
  • When scanning AU plug-ins, the CPU and memory load can be high (fixed in 2.4.47).
  • Some minor fixes to the Weiss DS1-MK3 presets (fixed in 2.4.47).

Known Issues

  • When using Pro Tools on Windows the Preset Collection window often gets hidden behind the Pro Tools window. Can be recovered with Alt-Tab, pressing twice on the "Preset", button, etc .
  • In Pro Tools user created presets are erroneously marked as modified when loaded in Preset Collection.
  • Presets for Weiss DS1 and Weiss MM-1 are only available in Preset Collection.
  • Modular and Modular FX presets for Spring Reverb are only available in Preset Collection and VST2/AU.
  • Console 1 Pro Tools Error -9105 when using UAD plug-ins. Fixed in Pro Tools 2018.1. We are still working on a fix for older versions of Pro Tools.
  • We are working on usability features for Preset Collection, such as a list view and other helpful features. Please let us know what you'd like to have!
  • Preset Collection blocks some keyboard events from getting to the DAW, like space for start/stop. We're investigating how we could fix this.