Changes in v.2.3.41

Launching Time and Tone Plus, the new cool bundle for owners of eligible Focusrite interfaces.

  • Added Time and Tone Plus.
  • Added Vintage Amp Room Half-stack and Bass Amp Room 8x10
  • Installing the Heartbeat Drum and EQ modules for Modular will now be done automatically if you already have Heartbeat installed.
  • Mac: Drag and drop of audio clips to a track with a Console 1 plug-in no longer causes some Mac DAWs to crash.
  • Mac: Fixed an issue where the DAW might stop receiving keyboard input when renaming Performance parameters in Modular and Modular FX.

Known Issues

  • The Windows 10 crash issue remains. We hope to resolve this soon, but it's a very tricky problem.
  • On Windows VST 3, trying to run plug-ins that there is no license for on the computer/iLok can cause exceptions.


  • Renaming Performance parameters doesn't work on Windows and on some 32-bit Mac DAWs.