Changes in v.2.3.37

The most action packed release ever! Modular with over forty available modules and hundreds of presets is here.

  • Added Modular and Modular FX
  • Added Doepfer A-108 VCF 48 dB, A-110-1 VCO, A-118 Noise, A-132-3 Dual VCA, A-140 ADSR and A-147 VCLFO modules
  • Added Intellijel µFold II, Korgasmatron II and Rubicon modules
  • Solid State Logic XL 9000 K-Series for Console 1: Fixed an issue that could cause slow parameter in the EQ when using Audio Units
  • VST3: DAW gain reduction meters now updates correctly when the plug-in GUI is closed
  • Drawmer 1973 Multi-Band Compressor: Fixed an issue where the plug-in GUI forgets that it's in side mode when you close the GUI (affects some DAWs)

Known Issues

  • The Windows 10 crash issue remains. We hope to resolve this soon, but it's a very tricky problem.
  • On Windows VST 3, trying to run plug-ins that there is no license for on the computer/iLok can cause exceptions.


  • Renaming Performance parameters doesn't work on Windows and on some 32-bit Mac DAWs.
  • After renaming Performance parameters on Mac, the DAW will sometimes stop receiving keyboard input. The current workaround is to close and open the Modular plug-in window.

Console 1:

  • Mac OS: Drag and drop of audio clips to a track with a Console 1 plug-in can cause some Mac DAWs to crash.