Buy Console 1, get British Class A for free.

What’s the cost of a console? Well, apart from the space, the electricity bill, the maintenance etc. A true analog console workflow is awesome, but it’ll set you back a pretty penny.

Console 1 not only eliminates a lot of those downsides with its sleek hardware/software integration, but it opens up the possibility of having multiple desk sounds in one studio; and at the kind of price you couldn’t even dream of getting a large-format analog console for.

So we’re offering two consoles for the price of none!



How to claim your free British Class A console emulation

Register a new Console 1 between January 1st and April 30th 2019, and you’ll not only get the included Solid State Logic SL 4000 E-series console emulation, but also our much admired British Class A For Console 1.

To claim this special deal, email after registering your new Console 1, and tell us your iLok user ID. These requests are handled manually, so please be patient, but in the vast majority of cases your free British Class A license will be deposited within two working days.

Grab hold of real single-function knobs, designed to perfectly and intuitively mirror a channel strip mixing workflow, so you can get your basic mixing (gating, EQ, compression etc.) done in no time, with the great sound of classic analog consoles.

Drop Console 1 on every track in your mix (it’s compatible with all major DAWs running VST plug-ins), select a track with the white buttons, and get mixing!