Star plug-ins for rock sounds

Snag the silver shine and sweet distortion of FET Compressor, the glacial value and sublime stacks of Amp Room: Marshall Edition, and so much more.

The Official Softube & Weiss Buying Guide


Weiss Engineering is synonymous with sound quality, and we’ve developed quite a collection of high-end plug-ins in close collaboration with Daniel Weiss himself. Click below to learn more about all of them and how they work together.

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Guide: choosing your first Softube plug-in


With so many Softube plug-ins to choose from, which one should be your first? We've put together a handy guide to help you answer exactly that question with four plug-ins we think would make for an excellent first step into the world of Softube.

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Offer valid January 1st – January 9th, 2022.