Register a new Console 1 before April 30th, and get British Class A channel strip for free

As a springtime treat, in addition to the included Solid State Logic SL 4000 E-series console emulation, Console 1 comes with an additional desk – the powerful, rich sound of rock & roll, the British Class A – for free.

The amazing workflow advantage of dedicated hardware, combined with the flexibility of software mixing and the exquisite component-modeled sound quality we obsess over here at Softube, will elevate every sound you make as you build into 2020.

How the promo works

1. Register a new Console 1 between February 1st and April 30th, 2020
2. Licenses to Console 1 and British Class A will be added automatically to your Softube account

What does "register a new Console 1" mean?
Console 1 is both hardware and software. When you buy the hardware, you take it home and unbox it. You plug it into your computer. It looks great. But before it's ready to be used, it needs to be to registered. To register your new Console 1, go to, log-in or create an account, and dowload your software using the license code that came in the box. This is the action that triggers your free British Class A, and turns you into a rock & roll mixing hero.

I can't see my Console 1 license. What's going on?
When you register a Console 1 during this period, you will be able to see British Class A, but not Console 1, on the list of products you own. However, you still have a Console 1 license and it will be visible in your iLok account. After the promo period ends, you will be able to see Console 1 again.


Console 1 is available from your local Softube dealer – check the map and find your best option:


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