Buy Console 1, get American Class A channel strip for free

For the rest of 2019, in addition to the included Solid State Logic SL 4000 E-series console emulation, Console 1 comes with an alternative desk sound – the punchy, in-your-face American Class A – for free!

The amazing workflow advantage of dedicated hardware, combined with the flexibility of software mixing and the exquisite component-modeled sound quality we obsess over here at Softube, will turn your studio into the home of the brave.

How the promo works

1. Register a new Console 1 between October 1st 2019 and January 1st 2020
2. Licenses to Console 1 and American Class A will be added automatically to your Softube account

I can't see my Console 1 license. What's going on?
When you register a Console 1 during this period, you will be able to see American Class A, but not Console 1, on the list of products you own. However, you still have a Console 1 license and it will be visible in your iLok account. After the promo period ends, you will be able to see Console 1 again.


Check out this video overview of the American Class A: