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Vintage Amp Room

Straightforward and simple, Vintage Amp Room emulates three great and classic guitar amps in a complete studio set-up with speaker cabinets and fully flexible microphone positioning. It's easy to use for live performances and recordings, as well as for re-amping and last-minute tweaking.

The three guitar amplifiers we simulated in Vintage Amp Room are timeless classics that have deserved their place in the history of guitar based music. So instead of simulating tons of amps, we set out to get these three done right instead.

The amps are simulated in a true studio environment with fully flexible click-and-drag microphone positioning. So not only did we simulate the sound of guitar amps in a nice studio, we simulated the entire workflow.

Vintage Amp Room has none of the added gadgets or weird-sounding presets sometimes found in amp simulation software. It provides you with the ultimate tool to create your own guitar sound. Because after all, only you know exactly what sound you want.

Based on an all-round great amp that set the industry standard for classic, distorted rock n' roll sounds. The genius is its simplicity. It's stripped down to the bare essentials - all tubes, only one channel, and no reverb or any other built-in effects.

Sound-wise, it goes from mad screaming preamp shred, to warm, speakers-about-to-break power amp distortion. Perfect when you need a characteristically distorted edge and a powerful roar.

One of the most versatile amplifiers in music history. It's been used in all kinds of genres, and for all kinds of instruments, thanks to a sound that is clean, crisp and clear, but also warm, thick and punchy.

Brown can produce anything from the clearest country-style sound for steel guitars to a dirty, bluesy guitar noise. It works for both funky rhythms and bassy, mellow chords. It's got a notoriously warm sound with a massive bass and a shimmering treble. Versatility embodied, it can do more or less whatever you want it to.

Packed with character and produces a pleasant guitar sound with warm yet intense power amp distortion. Its edginess makes it shine through in mixes, without drowning out other instruments.

Green is based on a very adaptable three-channel amp model. All three channels sound fantastic, but if you want to add a little quirkiness, we especially recommend the vibrato/tremolo one. The original amp has been widely used during the last forty years, from classic pop recordings in the 60's, through to today's users, playing mostly independent and alternative rock.

- Three great-sounding vintage amp models
- Raw & authentic sound
- Real studio workflow
- Flexible & continuous click-and-drag mic positioning
- Fully automatable parameters
- 3-D rendered photo-realistic user interface
- Compatible with all effects that work with real amps

Sound Examples

Sound Examples

Somebody That I Used to Know by: Gotye - 4FRNT Remix, provided by Jonathan Castelli

Sound Examples

These clips have been recorded with a guitar and Vintage Amp Room, no effects or post-processing has been added. All examples corresponds to a factory preset.

Sound ExamplesThese clips have been recorded with a guitar and Vintage Amp Room, no effects or post-processing has been added. All examples corresponds to a factory preset.

Märvel - A Pyrrhic Victory (Softube Edition)

All guitars were recorded with Vintage Amp Room

Märvel - A Pyrrhic Victory (Softube Edition)All guitars were recorded with Vintage Amp Room

Written by John Steen. Recorded by Joakim Svensson at White Light Studio, Sweden. (c) & (p) Killer Cobra Records & MÄRVEL 2009.

Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye - 4FRNT Remix
Features and Overview

Vintage Amp Room really helped us get a great clean or crunchy sound.

I started recording through dual tube amps and then use the Vintage Amp Room for the sound in the middle. This way it got a lot of clarity in the middle with beef on the sides.

Click to show Gareth Jones in the studio

It's a miracle that we can have these amplifiers in our laptops.

Gareth Jones, English Producer and engineer, famous for working with artists like Depeche Mode, Einstürzende Neubauten and Erasure.

Vintage Amp Room & Metal Amp Room will be the mainstays on the project above the competition!

I love the no nonsense approach to the plugin with no extra 'crap' and it sounds fantastic.

Click to show Lillian Berlin of Living Things

I've always been anti-plugins and guitar simulator plugins especially but I just couldn't deny that they sounded great and sometimes sound better than the real thing.

Lillian Berlin, Lead singer and guitarist for St. Louis rock band Living Things

Click to show Lillian Berlin of Living Things

I love the room mic and how you can move it around.

Lillian Berlin, Lead singer and guitarist for St. Louis rock band Living Things

Vintage Amp Room is one of the most accurate amp emulations we've come across and certainly sets the benchmark for quality over quantity.

Music Tech, Magazine

Convincing 'real amp in a studio' sound. [...] Tonally, the amplifiers do sound very much like amps miked up in a room and, just as with the real thing, you have to work at the controls and mic position to get the best sound out of them. [...] if you want a plug-in that gets very close to the sound of that are unarguable the three A-list classic amps, Vintage Amp Room does a great job in a very easy-to-manage way.

Paul White, Chief Editor of Sound on Sound Magazine

The tones here are among the best modelled amp sounds we've heard, with loads of tonal detail in the crucial midrange and a crisp high-end chime [...]

Guitarist, Magazine

Sound-wise, the emulations should hit the spot for anyone looking for utilitarian and authentic amp sounds in the three favourite flavours.

Computer Music, Magazine

To regard Vintage Amp Room as some sort of competition to AmpliTube and Guitar Rig 2 is to miss the point entirely. It's because of its simplicity that it's so good, and it most certainly offers a rawness that doesn't seem to be present with other amp modellers I've tried.

Vintage Amp Room is as uncluttered and straightforward as this sort of thing can get while, sound-wise, the emulations should hit the spot for anyone looking for utilitarian and authentic amp sounds in the three favourite flavours.

Guitarist, Magazine

Extreme ease of use, high-quality authentic amp emulations

Guitarist, Magazine

Vintage Amp Room is an extremely powerful plug-in for the guitar player that really wants to enhance his guitar sound. [...]

Studio, Magazine (Sweden)

Vintage Amp Room is obviously not for everyone. It is for people like me who really like the sound of old blues and rock records, or for people just liking the sounds of these three amps. After all, they're in themselves timeless.

Softube has succeeded so well with the sound and the direct play reaction that you can put 'Vintage Amp Room' into the highest class in the 'Vintage Amp Modeling Software Plug-ins' category. [White Amp:] It's really amazing how authentic this stuff is, whether it's a clean sound or the whole pallet of rock sounds or anything else you might expect from a Marshall JCM800. [Brown Amp:] Everything is exceptionally emulated.

Gitarre & Bass, Magazine (Germany)

If you want to recreate the sound of a vintage Fender, Marshall or Vox, you gotta go with Vintage Amp Room. The tones this plug-in is capable of are mind-blowingly great, at least to my ear. Until you consider the magnitude of discipline exhibited by VAR's coders, which is akin to that of a monk, Trappist-style, or a SEAL. Seriously. The guys who developed VAR could have headed down the Easy Street and put every feature under the sun into VAR, but instead, they controlled their urges of want and focused on doing a few things very, very well.

Jeff Shattuck, Writer for Cerebellum Blues

I'm impressed overall with VAR's ability to faithfully re-create identifiable amp tones, and moving the microphone around to find just the right placement is a lot of fun. Softube did a great job creating a useable tool that will save a lot of time and effort for computer-based producers working with re-amping and songwriters looking for classic tones.

Remix Mag, Magazine

Click to show Mix Magazine logotype

[...] the starting sound and tone produced by either Vintage [Amp Room] or Metal [Amp Room] are some of best I've heard.

Barry Rudolph, Contributing editor for MIX Magazine and 'New Toys' columnist for L.A.'s Music Connection Magazine.

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