Summit Audio TLA-100A Compressor
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This classic compressor is all about gentle and natural sounding gain reduction. It effortlessly keeps your material's dynamics controlled without ever strangling the sound. Everything you put into the TLA-100A comes out the other end big and compact sounding.

The Summit Audio TLA-100A works in a program dependent manner, meaning it does a lot of the thinking for you. It's tremendously easy to use and basically impossible to make it sound bad. It will however give you some soft and warm distortion if you drive it really hard. For ease of use, Softubes TLA-100A plug-in has a Saturation knob that the original unit lacks. This lets you blend in just the right amount of distortion to your signal.

The Summit has been our go-to vocal limiter since it came out, and Softube has managed to capture every nuance of it with incredible detail.

Billy Bush, Studio and live engineer for Garbage, also worked with Foster the People, Muse, Beck and Offspring.

The TLA-100A shows the same basic behavior on any type of material. Its transparency and strong but gentle grab of the sound source makes it a popular choice for placing vocals and bass just where they need to be in the mix. The TLA-100A is also well suited for tasks like softening a spiky acoustic guitar that demands too much attention, or providing some 'glue' on a drum buss or a full mix.

In Short

  • Controls your audio dynamics with mild authority
  • Easy to use
  • Built-in parallel compression and detector filtering (Low Cut filter switchable to signal input)
  • Each and every component carefully modeled
  • Modeled output distortion, easily controlled with the Saturation knob
  • Extremely analog behavior of frequencies, phase, distortion, attack, release, etc
  • Softube makes the only Summit Audio plug-ins

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Summit Audio TLA-100A Sound Examples

All sound examples have been made with the factory presets.

Summit Audio TLA-100A Sound ExamplesAll sound examples have been made with the factory presets.
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Click to show Billy Bush (photo: Lindsey Byrnes)

The Summit has been our go-to vocal limiter since it came out, and Softube has managed to capture every nuance of it with incredible detail.

Billy Bush, Studio and live engineer for Garbage, also worked with Foster the People, Muse, Beck and Offspring.

Click to show Zach McNees

Softube has outdone itself. The TLA-100A plug-in is a testament to what can be achieved in hardware modeling when attention is paid to the smallest details of design.

Zach McNees, Rob Thomas, Pixies, Liars, Alice Cooper

Click to show X:144 (Maged Ragab)

I never thought that I'd depend on the TLA-100A the way I currently do. Of all things it's the most unsuspecting tool in my array of plug-ins. Which makes it the perfect secret weapon. It's beautifully smooths out vocals without calling any attention to itself. I've used it on every mix since.

X:144, Lauryn Hill, Qusai, EA Sports/Madden NFL, Solillaquists of Sound, and more.

Click to show John Tejada

Softube's emulation choices are very interesting for me and my preference in processors. In real world studios and mastering rooms I am always in awe of the Lydkraft Tube Tech gear and it's amazing tube sound as well as the Summit Audio processor's creamy sound. To have emulations of these on the go is really inspiring to my workflow and just sounds great.

John Tejada, Electronic music artist, music producer, DJ and record label owner

Click to show Koen Heldens pondering the next move.

Summit Audio TLA-100A is ideal to control bass or vocals, much like its cousins LA2A and LA3A. Just set and forget.

Koen Heldens, Beyoncé, Lil Wayne, Missy Elliott, Timbaland

Click to show Mike Ging, at your service!

The most important one for me is the "Parallel Inject" control. This allows me to set compression levels higher than I normally would with the hardware unit, and mix back in a little of the direct signal to allow some of the transients and air that give life to a lead vocal.

Mike Ging, Jay-Z, Kanye West, P Diddy

Overall I was extremely impressed with the Softube Summit Audio TLA-100A compressor; its flexibility and musicality are second to none. In a very short time it's become my first choice of compressors on vocals and acoustic guitars, and I loved the openness of the sound even when pushed harder than usual. Softube and Summit Audio have done an incredible job with this compressor, and its emulation, and I can only recommend it to anyone looking for a really great compressor that they can set and forget.

DV Magazine, Magazine

Click to show Steve Levine

It's probably worth pointing out that the Summit Audio TLA-100A Compressor isn't just an LA-2A. It's good on the same type of jobs, but it's a more modern concept and has a different sound and feel to it.

Steve Levine, Producer/engineer for Culture Club, The Beach Boys, The Clash and Natalie McCool

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