Spring Reverb
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Spring Reverb is an authentic spring reverb recreation that will add vintage character and grit to any audio track. It also includes novel features such as a fully automatable Shake control that will shake the virtual springs around for those thunderous spring effects. Get some recognizable character in your mix with the Spring Reverb!

When your mix lacks that certain something, Softube's Spring Reverb may very well be it. A spring reverb is built into a lot of classic guitar amplifiers and is consequently often used for guitars. But you wouldn't do it justice to think a reverb of this type was limited to guitars only. It can add a lot of personality and character to a vocal track, a snare drum, percussion, an electric organ or just about anything. It's very much a sound of its own and it will help set your mix apart from the rest.

I use Spring Reverb all the time. Spring Reverb is the only reverb I used on my Adele mixes.

Andrew Scheps, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2

Plus, there's not only one spring reverb sound. We included a few settings so you can choose which spring reverb character you're after. The number of springs and their tension highly affects the sound and feel, so it's up to you to determine what your track needs. There are also tube-driven Bass and Treble controls to further affect the sound. And if you want that explosive boom you'll get from shaking a true spring reverb (making the springs bounce and slam into each other), we modeled that too.

In short

  • Personality and character for your mix
  • Tension control to shape the spring character and reverb length
  • Number of spring pairs continuously adjustable from 1 to 3
  • Tube driver simulation with Bass and Treble in the reverb section
  • Shake control that shakes the springs around
  • Can be used both as a send and an insert effec
  • Very CPU friendly

Springs Control the number of springs in use. There are three sets of springs in the reverb unit and you can choose how many of the sets you would like to use. Set the control to ONE for a more pronounced springy sound and to THREE for a smoother sound.

Shake Since we don't want you to smack your computer to get that thunderous springs-being-shaken sound, Spring Reverb features a slider that can be used to accomplish the same thing safely.

Tension Tunes up or down the tension of all three springs. Adjusting the Tension parameter will change the sound of the strings from slow and smooth (left) to quick and harsh (right). Together with the Springs knob, this control is an excellent tool to change the overall character of the reverb.

Bass, Treble and the input stage Authentic tube simulation using the same technology as the Amp Room products on the wet signal.

Official video: Spring Reverb for Rack Extensions.
Audio Fanzine Rating (Audio Fanzine)

Audio Fanzine Rating


Click to show Andrew Scheps

I use Spring Reverb all the time. Spring Reverb is the only reverb I used on my Adele mixes.

Andrew Scheps, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2

Click to show Morris Hayes and Dave Isaac. Photo by Michelle Monica.

The Spring Reverb makes me high every time I hear it. And I don't smoke!

Dave Isaac, Recording and mix engineer for Marcus Miller, Dionne Warwick, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, R Kelly and Luther Vandross. Three-time Grammy winner.

Click to show Mixerman/Eric Sarafin

I love the Spring Reverb, which is perfectly trashy, just like the real thing. Frankly, I think it's the most realistic spring reverb out there.

Mixerman/Eric Sarafin, Mixer and author.

Click to show Bil VornDick

I have and used an original AKG BX20. The Softube Spring Reverb is so like it, that it is remarkable. I have unplugged my BX and it is now a high table for a lamp.

Bil VornDick, Marty Robbins, Alison Krauss, Rhonda Vincent

This Spring Reverb beats all others heard before.

Gitarre & Bass, Magazine (Germany)

So what's the sound like? Dead gorgeous. Not a hint of pretty wimp-reverb at all. [...] Spring Reverb was just what we needed right now as we've been flooded with bright reverbs for years now. [...] Even a reverb skeptic like myself can now without doubt insert two reverbs in a session as long as one of them is Spring Reverb. +1 for Softube! [...] Spring Reverb stands in contrast to almost every other reverb released in the last years [...], and what's even more important -- it sounds great.

Pro Tooler, Magazine

Spring Reverb is by far the most authentic-sounding spring emulation I've heard so far. For recording those reverb-heavy Peter Green-style minor blues or just for a bit of real amp vibe added to a DI'd guitar, Spring Reverb is quite excellent. And the simulated 'kicking the amp' sound is scarily realistic!

Paul White, Chief Editor of Sound on Sound Magazine

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