Saturation Knob
Softube Saturation Knob, features and tutorial

The Saturation Knob is a modeled output distortion that can be used anywhere you need some grit. Use it to fatten up bass lines, add some harmonics and shimmer to vocals, or simply destroy your drum loop.

The three modes, Keep High, Neutral and Keep Low give you three kinds of characters of distortion. If you want to squash a drum loop but keep the bass drum fairly intact, you can for example use the Keep Low mode.

How can I get it?
Saturation Knob is available as exclusive content in a couple of different environments. If you're a Pro Tools AAX user, you can get it for free from Avid, just follow this link:

For Cakewalk SONAR X1 Producer, Saturation Knob is built-in as a ProChannel module. If you're a ProChannel user, make sure to check out our other Cakewalk SONAR ProChannel Modules also.

The Saturation knob is also available as Rack Extensions for Propellerhead Reason from the Propellerheads web shop (