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The Passive-Active Pack is a collection of three very different equalizers, each with its own character and quirks. The Passive and Active equalizers emulate real workhorse units, used on thousands of recordings from past to present. The Focusing Equalizer combines these with analog sounding saturation and a novel workflow.

This collection includes three highly useable equalizer models that are unique to Softube. Here's a brief overview, read more on their respective product pages.

Passive Equalizer is modeled from a famous German passive three-band equalizer, and features a wide bandwidth and an unsurpassed clear and open sound. The low boost gives you a warm low end, perfect to fatten up a bass drum or bass guitar track. Cutting the highs gives you a very gentle 6 dB cut which allows you to remove highs in a very musical way. The high boost is open and crisp and breathes life into any track.

Active Equalizer is modeled from an active equalizer design made somewhere in the Swiss alps in the seventies. Whereas the Passive Equalizer is wide, clear and unintrusive, the Active Equalizer is more of a surgeon with a tight and focused sound. It's a highly useful problem solver when you need to get into details.

Focusing Equalizer is an inspiring and untraditional take on the EQ concept, which is all made up by Softube. The Focusing Equalizer works in a very musical way and does a lot of thinking for you.

At first glance it may seem like you're sacrificing versatility by using an equalizer with a limited set of options - why use a three-band equalizer when you can use your digital equalizer with umpteen bands, continous gain, selectable Q and different curves all built in? Well, equalization is all about sound design. Having an equalizer where the designer has already made some of the choices four you is like having an experienced sound engineer helping out and giving you directions.

Passive Equalizer in short

  • Three bands with an extremely wide and open sound
  • Excellent treble control without any "digital harshness"
  • Warm low end and a sparkling top

Active Equalizer in short

  • Tight and focused sounding filters
  • Low and High cut
  • Three parametric bands with selectable gain in 2dB steps (-/+ 16 dB), selectable frequency with overlapping, but non-interfering, bands (50-500 Hz, 380Hz-3.8kHz, 1.8-18kHz) and a choice between a narrow or wide peak (Q) for each band.

Features Focusing Equalizer in short

  • Inspiring, untraditional and very useful workflow
  • Choose between Passive or Active EQ character
  • Three-band EQ that automatically and musically changes with Low and High Cut
  • Built-in one knob saturation with metering and selectable saturation type
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Overall, the Passive-Active Pack is a great piece of work from Softube, designed with vision but also with full regard for the sound of some pretty rare kit. What's more, the price tag is considerably more modest than comparable top-flight analogue emulations.

Computer Music, Magazine

Focusing Equalizer nevertheless brims with character, making most other EQ plug-ins sound boring and dimensionless by comparison. [...] Passive Equalizer gave me absolutely magical results on bass guitar, snare drum, and lead vocals. At $179.99, this bundle is an outrageous steal. High-quality equalization doesn't get better than this. Rating 5/5

Electronic Musician, Magazine

As for the Passive Active EQ's, I don't know what to say. It's like routing your signal through a pile of your grandpa's old stereos. You'll have to experience it yourself.

Søren Balsner, Carpark North

[Passive Equalizer is] a clear, musical EQ which sounds especially pleasing on program material. The bandwidth (q) is really nice in the midrange (presence) section. Just a little can go a long way. I really like it!

Rob Chiarelli, Six times Grammy awarded mix engineer for Madonna, Pink, Christina Aguilera, Quincy Jones, Luther Vandross.

I may go out on a limb here, but I claim that the Swedish define the standard of what is possible in today's native DAWs regarding 'Analog-Processing' with these processors. Although I feel a bit sheepish by pushing Softube this hard: but you only have yourself to blame if you don't grab it.

Sound And Recording, Magazine (Germany)

[Focusing Equalizer] is the missing link! I love it. It is simple, easy to use and in the 'passive' position it creates a richness like nothing else. Absolutely wicked!

Rob Chiarelli, Six times Grammy awarded mix engineer for Madonna, Pink, Christina Aguilera, Quincy Jones, Luther Vandross.

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