Drawmer 1973 Multi-Band Compressor
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More control, more versatility, more definition—the Drawmer 1973 plug-in lets you micro-manage the dynamics of your sound with ultimate precision. And you can do it with the unmistakable analog feel of a modern Drawmer classic.

Make your mixes wider and louder, shoehorn a piano into a dense mix, or curb the temper of an unruly bass guitar. The Drawmer 1973 Multi-Band Compressor lets you dive into the details—analog-style.

It's absolutely glorious. My favorite new compressor.

BT a k a Brian Transeau, American music producer, composer, technologist, audio technician, multi-instrumentalist

The Drawmer Sound and Softube Science Solution
Carefully modelled on the original Drawmer 1973 hardware in collaboration with the Drawmer research and development team, and approved by Ivor Drawmer himself, the Drawmer 1973 plug-in brings the award-winning three-band compressor bang up to date.

Micro-Manage Your Dynamics
Mastering with the Drawmer 1973 gives you independent control over three frequency bands, often a miracle-cure for problem mixes. Pull out individual instruments, brighten the mix, or tighten the lows—or of course do it all! But the Drawmer 1973 is equally useful on single sound sources in a mix. Take away the boomy character of an acoustic guitar in a perfectly natural sounding manner. Control the low frequency dynamics of a bass but leave its top end alive and kicking. Or remove sharp consonant sounds from a vocal track without eliminating detail and clarity.

The Original Drawmer Hardware and Then Some!
Staying faithful to the look and sound of the original Drawmer 1973, we've added some extra up-to-date features to the plug-in, including Mid-Side processing and sidechain, giving even more versatile compression and dynamic control. So the Drawmer 1973 plug-in lets you play with the mid portion of a sound without affecting the rest of that frequency, or link the gain reduction to an external sound source.

The Drawmer 1973 has a great looking GUI echoing the look of the hardware original, is CPU friendly, and comes with useful presets to kick-start the creativity, but with enough control to add your own unique touches to any mix.

Ultra-versatile, sleek-looking, and with the sound quality of an analog classic. Designed by experts for experts: an indispensable tool for the modern studio.

In Short

  • Three band FET compressor
  • Gives you precise control of the sound source's dynamics
  • Additional Mid-Side mode and sidechaining, not available on the original hardware
  • Plug-in model approved by Drawmer
  • Each and every component carefully modeled
  • Presets from the Drawmer S73 are included, and more added
  • Introductory price $199 until March 31, 2016. After this, the normal price will be $249

Drawmer 1973 Sound Examples

First 15 seconds dry signal, then 15 seconds of the 1973 enhanced mix.

Drawmer 1973 Sound ExamplesFirst 15 seconds dry signal, then 15 seconds of the 1973 enhanced mix.
Drawmer 1973 product video
Production Expert video on Drawmer 1973
Bonedo Rating (Bonedo)

Bonedo Rating

Gearslutz 5 Stars (Gearslutz)

Gearslutz 5 Stars


Click to show Brian Transeau a k a BT

It's absolutely glorious. My favorite new compressor.

BT a k a Brian Transeau, American music producer, composer, technologist, audio technician, multi-instrumentalist

Click to show Maor Appelbaum

Easy on the eyes and easy on the ears—good for adding color to troubled mixes. Has the well known Drawmer tone and workflow to it with the flexibility of what a plug-in can offer.

Maor Appelbaum, Mastering Engineer (Faith No More, Yes, William Shatner, Walter Trout, Eric Gales, Rob Halford and Sepultura).

Click to show Arjan Rietvink

When working with the Drawmer 1973 I get the feeling of working with a real analog device. It does its job very well without noticeable side effects. And that's exactly what I think is important for mastering.

Arjan Rietvink, Chief mastering engineer (Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Julian Calor)

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The Drawmer 1973 is a comprehensive multi-band processor which is easy to use despite the number of controls. It can only be described as a must-have.

Bonedo, Das musikerportal und magazine.

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